About Us

Rimless Aquarium Lids is a solution website designed to help remove the fear of fish jumping out of your aquarium! Protected by Patent, our solution is crafted and geared to not take away from the beauty of rimless aquariums, but to enable peace of mind that your fish are safe.

We own rimless tanks ourselves, and we stopped enjoying our tank because we were afraid to add more fish, with the fear they would just "take flight" and jump out of our rimless tanks. We created this product to prevent that, and reduce our fear, and bring back our enjoyment.

The major downfall of topless aquariums is that fish of all kinds escape. This helps that without actually covering the tank.

Another downfall of rimless aquariums is that they release a lot of heat, and it can take 2-3 heaters just to get the heat right. Our product has shown to increase temperature by 2 degrees with your current settings, enabling you to slightly lower them. (results will vary with tank size)

Lastly, the worst is when your nephews and nieces come over and love to grab to top of the glass with their hands to have a peek. These guards their fingers from ever hitting the water, keeping your fish safe from their cookie-crumbed only hands.

Keep your fish in your tank, and prevent fish from jumping out of rimless tanks.